Release Day!

So What’s a Soulmate is officially out in the wild for readers to (hopefully) enjoy!

To say that I’m overwhelmed by all the support and love I’ve received today would be putting it mildly. Every click, every like, every share, every comment offering congratulations, has gone straight to my heart. So many people neglect to realize just how solitary the writing process can be. Yes, you’ve got beta readers  chiming in to cheer you on, and (if you’re like me) a husband willing to be ignored and supply you with all the caffeine and snacks you need, and a wonderful publishing house in your corner – I cannot say enough good things about Evernight Teen Publishing.

But even then, for the most part, it feels like just you and your story. You and this thing you’ve created all by yourself with the hope that maybe there’s someone out there it will resonate with the same way it did with you. It’s a great big Unknown. And everyone knows the unknown is a scary, scary thing.

Now, of course, since my book has only been out in the world for less than a day, there’s still a lot of that unknown lying around. All of you who are cheering me on from the sidelines make it a lot less terrifying, though.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.



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