BIG News!


Almost two years ago, the idea for my first manuscript came to me.

Up until that point, I’d really only written fanfiction. The idea of original fiction terrified me. I think with fanfiction it’s much easier to dip your toes into the rocky waters of writing because there’s already a built-in reader base. Will they automatically like your stuff? Not at all! Is there at least a higher chance that they’ll click on your story and give it a try? You bet!

Original characters? There was no way I’d be able to create them. I was afraid their personalities would fall flat. That readers would hate them, therefore hating my writing. The world they lived in? Surely I would get it wrong somehow. Even a contemporary, realistic setting scared me.

I finally bit the bullet, though.

With the help of my friend, Kika, and her insistence that I participate alongside her in NaNoWriMo, I started to plot. And plot, and plot, and plot. (Hey, if I was going to do this thing, I was going to do it right. I needed to be as prepared as possible.)

By the beginning of November, I had a notebook filled with an outline, ideas, character sketches. Hell, there were even little doodles I’d done of the characters I was waiting to bring to life.

By the end of November, I had 55k+ words.

By mid-December, I had a finished first draft with roughly 75k words that I could not believe I’d actually written. Up until that moment, I was the QUEEN of unfinished writing projects.

Deciding not to let my momentum go to waste, I immediately threw myself into editing.

Let me tell you, three edits later, I never wanted to read a single word I’d written ever again. (Spoiler alert – I  made a bunch of friends read it for me, tell me what worked and what didn’t work, then totally had to read those words again so that I could make it better. Several times over.)

Over the next year, I would proceed to bounce back and forth between “THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER, EVERYONE WILL LOVE IT!” and “This is crap. I’m never writing again. I am embarrassment to myself. To my family. To the world.” (I’m a bit dramatic.)

Regardless of my conflicting emotions, I finally settled on “I should see if anyone is interested in this. Surely someone will want to read it.” I knew I’d never get anywhere if I just kept second-guessing myself.

Fast-forward a month or six, okay maybe eight, and here we are. I stopped second-guessing myself (for the most part), and it paid off! In October, my debut young adult novel, What’s a Soulmate?, will be available for the masses thanks to Evernight Teen. It’s still a bit surreal for me to think that I’ll have a book out there – not only for people to read, but to have on their shelf! (It’ll have pages and everything!) I couldn’t be more thrilled. Just ask my husband – he’ll be sure to tell you that I haven’t shut up about it for a second. 😉

I can’t wait for you all to meet Libby and Andrew and hopefully fall in love with them and their story the way that I did! You can read more about What’s a Soulmate?, as well as check out the first chapter, HERE.

Until next time!








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