Where to start…

I planned on starting this blog off with the “Who” of the long established line of W questions. I started and, as usual, went off an entirely different tangent instead. So I’m going to explore another W instead.

The word WRITER.

I’m Lindsey. I’m a 30something (oh dear god, when did that happen? probably around the 2014 mark, actually… ugh.) native of northeast Georgia. There are a few things I knew from a young age that I wanted.

  • To marry a boy who played guitar – Check.
  • To have a house filled with pets that I could love and  squish whenever I wanted to – Check.
  • To get out of the South as quickly as I could – Still working on that one, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become accustomed the certain charms this area has.
  • To be a writer – Check, but with a big ‘ole asterisk beside it. That asterisk is for the benefit of others, and I’ll explain.

Now you obviously don’t have to be published or a nationally recognized, household name in order to be a writer. A lot of people (people who are not writers) feel these are requirements. They base the ability to be something on the level of success you have achieved.

Would I like to be at that level? Of course. I like to eat well, take vacations, and not have to worry about how I’m going to pay my phone bill each month. Do I need to be at that level to consider myself a “real” writer? Hell no.

Do you write as a job? As a creative outlet only for yourself to see? As a hobby you share with others?


Then you’re a writer. Whether you strive for greater success or not. Whether you attain that level of “Oh my god, OTHER PEOPLE see me as a writer” or you are literally the only person who associates the label with your name, you are one. All you have to do is write.

It took me forever to feel comfortable with the word to the point where I could use it in casual conversation. Because I can totally show people that I married a boy who plays guitar, and I can show them pictures of my small herd of animals, but the whole “I’m a writer” thing has a giant explanation attached to it.  I can though, even if it does come with that big ‘ole asterisk.

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